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Easy Card Game (ECG) is a super editable complete multiplayer 3D card game & toolkit that lets you create your own deck with your own cards, using Easy Card Editor. Creating new cards with your own images (maybe your paintings World) is super easy with ECG. Build it, share with your friends or even release a game!
ECG comes with a pre-made cards which you can try to play here.

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It's not just a Unity toolkit, it's also a multiplatform card game with unique cards & effects, completely open for modification!

Easy Card Game is a complete 3D multiplayer card game & also Unity Toolkit to help you create 3D multiplayer card games easily. With Easy Card Editor it is super easy to create new cards with your own images. Adding new effects is super easy too!

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Easy Card Editor will help you create new cards super easily.

Not just for commercial projects, everyone loves to create their card game. With Easy Card Game, it's super easy. It's all in UnityEngine & all sources are open for extension.

  • Online Multiplayer Ready!

    Easy Card Game is multiplayer mode ready with Photon PUN.

  • Including a well configured card game with unique cards. Modify it by using Easy Card Editor!

    It is a fun game with 19 unique cards. You can play online and with AI. Play here!

  • Ready for cross-platform. Touch & Gamepad support

    Drag & drop cards with mouse & touch. It also has gamepad support with a virtual cursor.

Current Version: 1.5

We regularly update ECG by your requests and our new feature ideas.

Here is the latest updates:
Version 1.5

Unity Version is upgraded to 2020.3.15f2

Added: Deck System. Now the game runs with decks. You are able to use Easy Deck Editor to create/edit decks, and the users select a deck to play at in-game menu.

Added: Counter Attacks. The cards now have an option for counter attacks. When they get hit, they will make a counter attack automaticly. It allow us to see more dynamic gameplay.

Added: 6 new cards

Added: 5 decks

Fixed: Healer cards throw an exception error if they have "effect both rows" enabled.

Fixed: Card interaction error when leave the game while interacted on a card.

Fixed: Navigation panels still active after the selection.

Version 1.1a

Added: Video cards. Now you will able to use movie textures on the cards. Any kind of videos which Unity supports.

Added: Card type pointer icons on the cards. Melee, ranged, skill & healer.

Added: New effect feature 'both rows' now the card can effect both rows. You can see the option in the card editor.

Fixed: Better AI.

Fixed: Placement bug when the target table has no capacity.

Version 1.01b

Fixed: Card editor is not working when ECG is not placed at Assets/EasyCardGame.

Version 1.01a

Fixed: User is not able to see the tooltip without interacting the card on touch input.


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Please don't hesitate to ask anything you want to know. We would be loving to help you.

For information: info@easycardgame.com
Technical support & bug reports: support@easycardgame.com